Sunday, January 9, 2011

Collaboration with Twiddla continued...

I have been playing around with Twiddla a bit more and have found that it has some really great features that I can use with my students. It is truly easy to use and to log onto and I am still psyched that students can access it immediately with an email or password. And, while it is not a secure place to save documents, as anyone can access them, and even change them.

It could be a great site to use when you have a class worksheet to be completed together. The teacher can upload the worksheet and students can work together to complete it. If the teacher projects the site onto the screen, then the whole class can see the collaboration. I have a "white board" whose program, when loaded on to moy desktop, keeps crashing my computer. I now have a free substitute for the white board!

See the video above to see how you can use Twiddla right away and how easy it is to access the various tools...


  1. Two years ago I used that whiteboard pad thing to review independent and dependent variables. We underlined the IVs in red and the DVs in green. Perhaps I'll try this instead this year!

  2. That's just what I was thinking!