Sunday, January 9, 2011

Discovery Education for Students

So, what does Discovery Education offer students?

Once each of your students are able to log into Discovery Education, they can file and keep track of all kinds of activities and scores and they can access this information from anywhere. There are a variety of resources and activities that can be assigned by a teacher. Students might be asked to:

  • Watch a video clip
  • Complete an exploration (an animation with data tables and questions)
  • Participate in a simulation
  • Read a passage
  • Complete an assessment (could be formative or summative)
  • Search for a related video through DE streaming
  • Link to a variety of related topics and activities
If any of this sounds like it could be a great resource for your students, check out what is available (the sales pitch!)....


  1. I did not realize that Discovery Education had so many options for students. I had kind of written off the program since it did not offer much for Spanish students in the target language. I may have to give it a try again and see what the student accounts are like for language learners. Thanks for posting! I'm going to give it another go around :)

  2. A little while back I posted on Discovery Education, and soon afterwards I didn't think that it quite fit the web 2.0 label. I have to admit that I haven't used the student component, but I am excited to try soon. You have convinced me that it is a web 2.0 tool.

  3. Like Leslie, I mostly thought of DE as a place to find educational videos or songs. I never knew about the Student Center. In your post you mentioned that there are simulations, explorations & assessments. Are those already created by DE or can a teacher create them & tailor them specifically to his/her students & objectives?

  4. I just discovered how interactive Discovery Education could be earlier in the fall. So far, I have only created one review assignment, which I did not grade, in order to try it out. I thought it was a fantastic way for students to use their "multiple intelligences" and review for the county assessment in a more interactive way. I also was able to email the link home to parents, so that more of the students used the tool! I am in the process of creating another one for this quarter. I love the "exploration" activities where students feel they are playing a game!